Advantages Of Amazon Kindle 3G Reader

A lot of e-readers have been released and they all promise comfortable reading and long battery life. Be wise enough to scrutinize each product. Look for the product that suit your price and size range and check also the connectivity of the e-reader you are about to purchase.

Amazon Kindle 3 G Wireless reading devices have advantages over other readers. If you are looking for a reader that will last day in and day out, a Kindle reader will be best for you. It has longer battery life than other readers out there that some reviewers say it can last a space shuttle mission.

The battery life of a Kindle reader is dependent on the wireless feature. If you have your wireless turned on, it can last for up to 3 weeks but if you have it turned off, one single charge can last for up to one month. Isn’t that long enough for all your reading? The depletion of your battery power will also depend on your usage such as downloads and shopping at the Kindle store.

Another great feature that Kindle readers have is the E-ink screen. The high-contrast screen offer 51% better contrast than other e-reader screens. And since it is not backlit or LCD, you can read under bright sunlight without glare. You will find that the display is so much like real paper so you can read in your reader as if you are reading a paperback.

Latest generation Amazon Kindle 3 readers have built-in WiFi so you can easily connect to hotspots near you. You get free WiFi from AT&T hotspots all over the US. You don’t have to save up for the monthly bill because it really is for free. 3G Global also allows you to download your books in about 100 countries and territories all over the globe.

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